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Responsibly sourced wool, naturally hand dyed


Plastic free and traceable fine wools

My wools are sourced from farmers that care for their flocks to the highest possible standards, guaranteeing a mulesing free process when collecting fibres. So, you can be sure of a fair and humane treatment of their flocks.

For me it’s important to know the origins of my yarns; that way I can make informed and transparent choices, so traceability is at the heart of what I do. This goes right back to the shearing date, and every step in-between.

Naturally Dyed

Non-toxic, plant based dyes create modern yarns for modern knits with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Happy Sheep

Passionate about transparent production, kind and compassionate care and high-welfare farming alternatives.

Truly Luxurious

Hand selecting the best fleeces for spinning in British mills.

What I Do

I’m passionate about textiles and natural dyes when crafting a skein that is truly luxurious. Naturally dyed in my studio, I create yarns on a slow and small scale – my connection with the process is slow and meaningful. It’s my desire to produce dyed wools with minimal environmental impact, supporting independent suppliers and British mills on this journey.

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