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Natural Beauty Socks

Knitted toe-up giving you a seamless sock from start to finish. Delicate cables on either side of the lace pattern are separated with a purl stitch to frame the lace panel through the centre.

Queen Bee Hat

A folded brim and wide cables, columns of slipped stitches and clusters of little bobbles. The Queen Bee is a clever, easy to understand hat pattern.

The Perendale Mitts

Knitted in the round from the cuff up giving you a seamless mitt from start to finish. Bobbles frame a simple lace pattern in the centre and a gusset created for comfort at the thumb.

The Mini Sock Decoration

The pattern is written for a sock with cables but you can easily replace the cable rounds with a knit round if you prefer plain stockinette or perhaps a stripey sock.

The Meadow Scarf

Inspired by the newness of spring and the long-awaited flowers that are about to blossom into a beautiful meadow.

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Immerse yourself in naturally dyed wool infused with the beauty of nature.