traceable wool

Mulesing-free wool crafted with ethical practices for you

My vision will always be to offer you the highest quality yarns whilst understanding what goes into animal welfare, fair pay for farmers, supporting sustainable farming and maintaining a light touch on our environment.

What is Traceable Wool and why choose it?

There is a growing recognition of the importance placed on traceability and the provenance of the things we buy.

The journey wool takes from the field to your project bag is complex and wonderful, and you’re here because you are mindful of that process and what it involves. And it’s this ability to trace these steps of a yarn’s production that drives both our creativity.

Traceability allows us to understand where the wool has come from and if that wool has been produced in a humane and environmentally friendly way. It makes the supply chain more transparent and honest, empowering you to make ethical and sustainable purchases.

How is Traceable Wool Produced?

Creating yarns for you that can follow its journey back to the farm.

It all starts with a commitment to sourcing ethically farmed wool from a content and healthy flock, diligently cared for by some of the finest farmers in the UK and Falklands.

Environmental impact, animal welfare standards

When considering farming practices, I am often asked whether the same intensive production methods associated with large industries are used in the farms used for my yarns – these are small farms, often regenerative and who prioritise both the well being of the land and the animals.

Making a connection with your purchase and allowing the storytelling of a yarn to come through is a beautiful way to elevate the meaning and personal significance of your knits. Each farmer and flock has its own narrative, its own love story.