Embrace the beauty of nature’s palette as we knit together fibres dyed using only plant-based sources, ensuring each strand carries a story of sustainable craftsmanship. Dive into colour inspired by the earth – from rich earthy tones to vibrant botanical hues.

Natural dyes
Naturally dyed wool samples

Choosing naturally dyed wool


Imaging making your creations as vibrant as your values.


You’re choosing a thoughtful, more mindful path for your creative journey.


Discover an appreciation for the natural world and what it provides us.

In my studio, the beauty of nature is the focus and drive behind your yarns – using plant-based dyes to create a palette that reflects the vibrant hues found in our gardens, forests, parks and meadows. Every skein of wool dyed with plants is a testament to the seamless blend of craft and the raw elegance of nature.

naturally dyed mini skeins
samples of wool dyed with plants

Introducing naturally dyed yarn into your knitting

My ambition is to ignite your passion for natural dyeing and its vibrant possibilities.

I aim to guide you through the beautiful process, empowering you to integrate yarns dyed with this ancient technique into your project bag and ultimately your knitted pieces, with confidence and joy.

Picture an experience so absorbing that time seems to slow, immersing you in ideas of colour and promise. This journey not only unlocks your creativity but also fosters a newfound curiosity and admiration for the wonders of the natural world.

From foraging for dye sources to the extracting process for creating dyes, applying colour and watching a dye take to the yarn. The process offers a deep sense of achievement and respect that can also be a part of your knitting lifestyle.

Why plant colour?

In our modern lives, we’ve become distanced from what connects us to the NATURAL WORLD and what it gives us.

When we use natural plant dyes, we get to see the world in a different light. We spend more time in the beauty of nature, discover new things and appreciate plants that are often ignored or seen as unwanted.

As we reconnect with our surroundings, seasons, and what’s available throughout the year, we develop a new appreciation for the changes in our environment. Exploring nature firsthand unveils its richness in colour, food, and healing. Nature provides everything we need, and every neighbourhood boasts its distinct palette!

Why naturally dyed yarn?

The process is hands-on and labour intensive which gives me a connection with the materials I’m using to dye your yarns. It’s this touch that adds character and lasting value to every skein, making your creations truly one-of-a-kind.

At the heart of my commitment is a renewable approach, driving me to embrace plant-based materials and minimise my environmental impact while steering clear of potentially harmful chemicals.

I choose rare breed sheep wool for my yarns. This choice not only pays homage to time honoured farming practices but also establishes a strong link between craft and a rich heritage. It’s a way of preserving the cultural significance of natural dyeing.

For those prioritising well-being, my naturally dyed yarn provides a chemical-free alternative to synthetic dyes. This mindful choice seamlessly aligns with a lifestyle that seeks to be moe natural and wholesome.

Choosing naturally dyed yarn goes beyond simply picking materials for your projects. It shows that you care about the environment, value skilled craftsmanship, and want to bring the authentic beauty of nature into your creations.