Traceable, naturally dyed yarns and breed-specific fibres. Every skein embodies my commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship.


My journey to natural colour began with inspiration from my mother and grandmother, both skilled sewists and knitters. Their influence sparked a passion that took me to Chelsea School of Art, where I delved into the world of natural textiles. And then to Bath School of Art where I specialised as a weaver.

artistic focus

natural fibres

My focus is natural fibres, particularly with rare sheep fleeces sourced from farms committed to high welfare practices in both the UK and the Falkland Islands. These carefully collected fleeces head to local spinning mills where they are spun into knitting yarns, arriving on huge cones of undyed shades of ecru, grey, or brown.

I’d love for you to explore the understated beauty and boundless potential of natural colour that surrounds us.

These unassuming yarns are infused with a vibrant spectrum of hues using plant materials here in my studio. Whether foraged from the wild or thoughtfully sourced from botanical suppliers, each element brings its own charm to my craft.
Walnut leaves yield rich golden shades, while fermentation of walnut hulls produces a range of earthy browns. Deep reds emerge from madder roots, vivid yellows from goldenrod and weld, and indigo offers a palette spanning delicate to deep inky blues.


Naturally dyed wool

It’s important to consider how these beautiful yarns are treated when they arrive from the spinning mill. Choosing plant colour for the dyeing stage results in yarns that showcase the beauty of nature while preserving the essence of the original fleeces. If you want to learn more about natural dyeing and discover how to incorporate naturally dyed yarns into your knitting projects, read more here.

Traceable wool

Prioritising animal welfare in the production of my yarn means that I can ensure animals are treated with respect, along with the farmers, mill workers and the environment. I will only use fleece from flocks that have cruelty-free dignified lives and the way I do this is by sourcing traceable.

Breed specific wool

Each yarn tells a unique story about the fleece of specific sheep breeds. From the resilient Romney to the soft Merino, explore the diversity of wool fibres and the craftsmanship that brings them to life. Learn moe about why choosing a single breed for your knitting project is a celebration of breed specific wool.

Every strand celebrates a dedication to sustainability and quality, from farm to skein.